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Ricky Sweum
   Fellow Air Force saxophonist and one of the hottest soloists I've personally had the pleasure to work with
Derek Brown
   Ever heard of "new-grass" music? I hadn't either, until this ex-student of mine started making waves with it. (Hey Derek -
   your link is broken!)
Richard Van Voorst
   This former saxophone and composition student of mine plays and writes some very unique music.
Jack Wilkins
   Very rarely do great players and great teachers come in the same package. He's one of the best.
Brian Sacawa
   Incredible up-and-coming concert saxophonist
Jason Omara
   One of the best doublers I know
Donell Snyder
   My teacher and mentor - when are you going to build a website so I can link to you?


Chuck Owen

   Besides being a great jazz writer, this man actually teaches as well as he writes.

Will Gay Bottje

   Very interesting music, and he's a sweet guy on top of it.
Lewis Spratlan
   The man is ecclectic, even in an age where that word is thrown around like candy. Check him out - he's deep.
   Better yet, let his music speak for itself. Check out some samples here.
Cory Kasprzyk
   Also an excellent saxophonist
Kenneth Fuchs
   Very melodic, passionate music. His recordings with the London Symphony have earned several Grammy nominations.
Augusta Read Thomas
   Former composer-in-residence with the Chicago Symphony, she will soon be writing me a concerto for saxophone and
   orchestra. Very dramatic, moving music.
David Rakowski
   Barlow winner and Pulitzer nominee. Extremely prolific, especially in the area of piano etudes. He will soon be writing a saxophone quartet.


The United States Air Force Academy Band
   My "bread and butter" gig. World-class Concert Band, Marching Band, and Falconaires Jazz Band.
North American Saxophone Alliance
   Saxophone nerds of the world, unite!
Adams State College
   A great small college in Alamosa, CO, where I happen to teach saxophone right now.
Hope College
   Another great small college in Holland, MI. I graduated from this institution and also taught there for five years.
American Federation of Musicians
   The music biz is tough enough without us undercutting each other. Join the union to help live music flourish.
Music United
   See what will happen to the world of music if everyone obtains it through illegal burning and downloading. Pretty scary.
Fast Forward Productions
   Tons of great marching band shows, including several by yours truly.
    A free marching band, color guard and performing arts resource site.
   A one-stop source of high school marching band events, scores, links and resources.

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
   Believe it or not, there are answers to some of life's toughest questions.
Cicily Rae Janus
   My lovely, talented and prolific wife
The New Face of Jazz
   My lovely, talented and prolific wife's first non-fiction book is being published by Random House, to be released Fall 2010.
The Extreme Consultant
   She's my go-to person on most things web-related, and also my aunt.
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   Sick of Su-doku? Check out this site, and the sites it links to.
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   Live in a townhome or apartment? Learn how to grow a salad in a pot.

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